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Application Process and Important Dates

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by cru.org editor

FlowChart300x218We are excited that you want to pursue something beyond yourself and join with us at Cru. We have a process that will help you get to the next step in joining our staff.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Full-time Staff Applicants:

October 15 — Winter Training is from early January to mid-February
April 1 (US applicants) — Summer Training is from mid-June to mid-July
March 15 (International Campus Staff) — Summer Training is from mid-June to mid-July
May 15 – Fall Training deadline for Stint -to -Staff and Mid-Career candidates

March 1-International Internship (STINT), US Internship and Part-Time Field Staff Applicants  Please Note: Required training weekend (Intern Kickoff Weekend) is in April or May depending on the ministry. STINT briefing takes place in August.


Summer Missions Applicants:

December 10 (Early Deadline) — Hear about acceptance by January 21.
January 24 (Mid Deadline) — Hear about acceptance by February 28.
February 24 (Late Deadline) — Hear about acceptance by March 28.
After February 24th, you can still apply but mission projects will be filling up.


Application Instructions and Online Application Links

Full-time position:

Year Long Internships, and Part-Time positions:

Summer Missions Projects:

Volunteer position – Connect with your local ministry for instructions on how to apply.

Make sure you know your application deadlines and what materials are required.


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