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Posted on: November 4th, 2014 by cru.org editor

College years are all about choices, some setting the stage for the rest of students’ lives. They are expected to choose a career path, but campus life shapes so much more. Political leanings, worldview and religious beliefs are being established as students determine how they will live their lives and contribute to society.

Cru is committed to giving students and faculty an opportunity to establish a relationship with Christ, grow deeper in their faith, and then go out and change the world.

Cru is passionate about getting the gospel to students and faculty because many of them have never heard how they can know Christ in a way that relates to their reality.

We know students are strategic in helping to fulfill the great commission.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders in education, government, business and virtually every facet of society. We dream of grads and faculty members influencing these arenas as Christ-followers in our country and around the globe.

Students are passionate and mobile. By equipping them on campus, graduates leave the campus as lifelong laborers, excited about carrying the gospel to their community and to the world.

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