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Posted on: December 8th, 2013 by cru.org editor

Meet some of your potential co-laborers with Cru. Additionally, you can see some staff videos here!

story-jamie“As a student in college, I was anticipating using my degree in Conference and Event Planning in the marketplace post graduation. In my senior year, someone from the events industry came to talk about life as an event planner. He spoke of making a name for himself in this booming industry, yet I remember thinking about how the staff on my college’s Cru movement had talked about using our life to glorify God and not ourselves. God began to show me how my skills in conference and event planning could be used to advance the kingdom through student conferences and make an impact for eternity.” - Jamie


story-moses“I grew up in the South Bronx into a life of poverty. At the age of eight, I was placed into the foster-care system of New York. But I came to know the Lord when I was 15 and that was a key turning point in my life. The experiences that I underwent shaped my desires to build my own family someday and to work with young people who had similar struggles and stories. When I learned that Cru worked with high school students, I was pumped and excited about the opportunity to not only be an example for teens, but also point our teens to Jesus Christ.” - Moses


story-heather“I had the goal of becoming a professor, and the Lord connected me to Cru staff who worked with graduate students and faculty. God began using me to lead students to faith and to proclaim the gospel to my fellow graduate students and professors. Meanwhile, I began dating a Chemistry Ph.D. student who saw God work in similar ways in his life. We noted the incredible influence just one graduate student or professor could have in the lives of his or her students. So strategic did this ministry seem to us that we decided to join staff with Cru to work with graduate students and professors instead of becoming professors ourselves.” - Heather


story-lindsey“I surrendered my life to Christ in college through the ministry of Cru. Following graduation, Jesus transformed me while on a Summer Project and allowed me to realize I need to live my entire life for His glory and use my degree for the expansion of His kingdom. Through diligent prayer and God’s gracious leading, God called me to work as a Communications Coordinator in the Mid-Atlantic Regional office. I have the privilege of writing the regional newsletter, serving as an editor, helping to plan and coordinate Mid-Atlantic conferences, and interact with students and staff via social media on behalf of the region. Interning on the Ops team allows me to use my Communication degree to ultimately help reach students for Christ through Cru.” - Lindsey


story-john“My plans were set. I had been accepted to graduate school, paid my down deposit and everything. I had gone as so far as to find a house to live in with roommates, and even been accepted to an internship that was required for grad school. I had everything figured out and was looking forward to the future. Then, I came to Preview Weekend at headquarters to see more of the Operations side of ministry and everything changed. I felt God telling me not to wait to jump into ministry with Cru. I followed His call and saw Him provide every step of the way by helping me adjust my plans. Now I’m interning at Cru’s world headquarters in Florida. I am so glad He led me to intern with Cru.” - John

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