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Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by Mark Fertig

Thanks for letting your son or daughter consider joining the staff of Cru.  Here is some additional information just for you.

Parents’ Questions and Answers:

  1. How can my child use his or her college education in his or her work with Cru?
  2. How will my child benefit from your staff training?
  3. How are your staff members selected?
  4. How is my child’s job assignment determined?
  5. How are you funded?
  6. I understand staff members are required to raise funds to cover the costs of their ministry. For what expenses will my child need to raise money?
  7. Why was this method of support raising chosen?
  8. I am concerned about my child’s financial security. How can he live adequately on a limited salary?
  9. How long is a staff person’s commitment?
  10. What do staff members do after serving with Cru?
  11. What is your relationship to the local church?
  12. If I have more questions or want more details, where can I get more information?

1How can my child use his or her college education in his or her work with Cru?

We offer a world of opportunities for people to use their education in areas from finance to media, or from the performing arts to management. In all of our ministries those specific skills are directly or indirectly applied to ministry positions.

Many aspects of ministry require drawing upon one’s educational background. For example, a person who majored in psychology may be an excellent counselor, whereas someone with a degree in education would be well equipped to lead Bible studies and train disciples. College graduates with engineering or technical backgrounds often manifest leadership ability, particularly in analyzing problems, establishing objectives, and determining strategies.

Campus staff members have also found their college educations provide a source of identification and credibility among the students with whom they work. Staff members have a deeper understanding of the student’s pressures and needs and can effectively present Christ as the solution to those needs. Also, their university experience has provided them with decision-making skills. Student Venture staff members, working with high school students, find the same principle true in their ministry.

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2. How will my child benefit from your staff training?

All the training provided by us centers on helping people develop personally and strengthen their ministry skills. We place a high priority on equipping our staff members for a lifetime of ministry in whatever context God leads them.

As a part of this training, we require our staff members to have a thorough working knowledge of the Bible. Therefore, your son or daughter will attend graduate level courses offered through the International School of Theology. These courses, taught by highly respected professors from leading seminaries, are similar in content to a first-year seminary education. Credits may be applied toward a master’s degree.

When your child reports to his or her first assignment, he or she will receive training in the context of an ongoing Cru ministry. In the Campus Ministry, for example, this program lasts two years and a trainer guides their learning. This training period strengthens staff members as it lays a solid foundation for future personal ministry and leadership roles.

Through special training opportunities and the day-to-day work environment, staff members receive practical instruction in managing time and finances and developing people. Most staff members will have the opportunity to be trained in public speaking, leadership skills, counseling, and teaching.

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3. How are your staff members selected?

We desire for people to have a positive ministry experience. Therefore, applicants are evaluated by professional guidelines in five areas of maturity – spiritual, personal, social, emotional and leadership ability. They are selected through a process that includes a written application, references, and interviews.

The final evaluation of each applicant is made from the information collected in the interview process, references, and questionnaires. We then notify each applicant of our decision.

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4. How is my child’s job assignment determined?

In determining an individual’s placement we consider:

  • Personal preference.
  • Gifts, experiences and abilities
  • Needs of the overall ministry.
  • Team fit
  • Training environment

An effort is made to give each person responsibility and teammates who can best help them use their strengths and develop them to their  fullest potential emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Approximately 85 percent of our new staff members are assigned to the ministry within Cru, that they request.

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5. How are you funded?

Cru is a non-profit organization supported by donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations.

We are a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). This organization establishes high standards for promoting sound financial practices and accountability. Ministries that are members of the ECFA must abide by those standards, and the ECFA monitors its members.

We are audited annually by the independent accounting firm, Arthur Young and Company, Orlando. An annual report is published and available upon request.

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6. I understand staff members are required to raise funds to cover the costs of their ministry. For what expenses will my child need to raise money?

Each staff member is responsible for securing contributions to cover their salary, training, benefits, ministry, and fundraising expenses. Each dollar given has 12 percent deducted from it for services assisting staff members, administrative costs, and international expansion.

Contributions a staff member receives go into an account designated to them. It is out of this account their salary is paid. Reimbursable ministry expenses are drawn from this account as well.Staff members must raise all of these funds in order to receive them because they is not paid from a central account.

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7. Why was this method of support raising chosen?

People want to be involved with people. This type of giving encourages strong relationships to develop between staff members and contributors, allowing these ministry partners a great deal of personal involvement with the ministry of a staff member. Each staff member is accountable to those who choose to invest in his ministry, and he becomes a representative of these ministry partners.

We believe we are on solid biblical ground in calling our staff members to trust the Lord for their every need (I Timothy 6:7, 18; Philippians 4:19). For more information on Cru’s view of scripture regarding support raising, please write or call our Human Resources department.

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8. I am concerned about my child’s financial security. How can he live adequately on a limited salary?

Our salary structure is designed to meet the needs of our staff members by providing a moderate income. We have selected the intermediate level of the Consumer Price Index as a guideline for our compensation structure. Each staff member, including our president Steve Douglass, is entitled to the same base salary.

Adjustments to the base salary for each staff member are made according to his marital status, number of children, geographic location, and housing costs. The base salary is evaluated annually and adjusted to the rising cost of living.

Although salaries appear to be moderate, a number of other expenses may be covered through reimbursements. For example, insurance, and ministry expenses are reimbursable from a staff member’s ministry account.

Cru’s group healthcare plan provides staff members with comprehensive medical and dental coverage to treat sickness and injuries. The basic life insurance and long-term disability plans are designed to help care for staff and their families when these difficult and sometimes unexpected events arise. These programs are supplemented by an optional voluntary life insurance plan, as well as a 403(b) retirement plan to encourage personal saving for the future. In addition to personal contributions, employer contributions are also made into the 403(b) account.

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9. How long is a staff person’s commitment?

A new staff member’s commitment to serve with us is two years, starting when he or she begins staff training in January or July. This includes the time of initial support team development.

What long-term opportunities are available after 10 or 15 years of serving with Cru? Opportunities arise to take on leadership roles in the different ministries. With more than 30 ministries incorporated under Cru, some staff members move on to other ministries that are more suited for their stage of life or interests. However, many staff members continue working effectively with our student ministries into their 40s and 50s.

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10. What do staff members do after serving with Cru?

Staff leave our ministry for a variety of reasons. In a recent survey, more than 30 percent left to pursue opportunities with other ministries or in secular work. About 20 percent go back to school in seminary, law, business, etc. Another 10 percent marry someone who is not on staff with Cru, and 10 percent leave because of financial support problems. The remaining 30 percent leave for personal, retirement, health, and other reasons. Experience gained through working with us proves valuable in years to come. The average staff member stays seven years.

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11. What is your relationship to the local church?

We consider ourselves as an arm of the traditional Christian church with expertise in particular areas like evangelism and discipleship.

Cru works closely with pastors and churches throughout the United States and in every country where we have ministry activities. Our staff members come from many church backgrounds and are expected to affiliate with a church of their choice within 90 days of reporting to their ministry assignment.

Our statement of faith clearly maintains our belief in the deity of Christ and in the authority and reliability of the Bible. We encourage allegiance to Christ Himself, not to the organization or its leaders at any level.

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12. If I have more questions or want more details, where can I get more information?

If you have any further concerns, please contact our Human Resources department or meet with a Cru staff member in your area. They are equipped to answer additional questions you may have. If you desire, you may obtain a copy of our annual report, Statement of Faith, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability’s seven standards of responsible stewardship, or more information on our personnel and financial procedures, by writing us at:
Cru, Human Resources, Dept. 2700,
100 Lake Hart Dr,
Orlando, FL 32832.
You may call our Human Resources department at (407) 826-2700.

Finally, you can find further information about Cru for parents at:


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