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International Internship (STINT)

Posted on: October 23rd, 2015 by cru.org editor

StudentsSTINT300x218In one year, you could help change the face of eternity by serving with Cru overseas as an intern.

Through a one-year internship called STINT, thousands of Cru students and recent graduates have taken the life-changing message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness to students in places like Russia, East Asia and the Middle East. However, millions still need to hear. Will you be part of continuing to take the gospel to every campus, every nation? Right now, on campuses around the globe, lost students are ready to take the next step toward a relationship with God. They are simply waiting for someone to show them how. Is God calling you to go? Will you be the one to show them? Perhaps you’re not sure what you’ll do with the rest of your life, but why not give a year to reaching students, discipling leaders and establishing new student ministries? In just a year, you and your team could pioneer new spiritual movements on a campus overseas that will reach dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands with the gospel.

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