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International Internship (STINT)

Posted on: October 23rd, 2015 by cru.org editor

StudentsSTINT300x218In one year, you could help change the face of eternity by serving with Cru overseas as an intern.

Through a one-year internship called STINT, thousands of Cru students and recent graduates have taken the life-changing message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness to students in places like Russia, East Asia and the Middle East. However, millions still need to hear. Will you be part of continuing to take the gospel to every campus, every nation? Right now, on campuses around the globe, lost students are ready to take the next step toward a relationship with God. They are simply waiting for someone to show them how. Is God calling you to go? Will you be the one to show them? Perhaps you’re not sure what you’ll do with the rest of your life, but why not give a year to reaching students, discipling leaders and establishing new student ministries? In just a year, you and your team could pioneer new spiritual movements on a campus overseas that will reach dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands with the gospel.

Where could I do an international internship? 
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Frequently Asked Questions about International Internships 

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Watch our video about ‘A Global Mission’ and consider going international.

One Year Internships

Posted on: December 11th, 2013 by cru.org editor

InternMany people are led to serve but need time to grow in a safe environment, or perhaps to confirm God’s leading into full time work.  An internship with Cru is a perfect one year opportunity to gain ministry experience, receive world class training in evangelism and discipleship and it provides time and space to confirm your next step.  Interns who serve overseas (called STINT -Short Term INTernational) are also trained and equipped, but in an international context.

Many of our interns end up joining staff, but others go back into the workforce as a trained and sent missionary.  They are more equipped to reach co-workers and neighbors, workplaces and communities with the Gospel.  They are able to support the local church as a fully trained lay- person.

Interested in serving in an office role? You can also check out an internship opportunity at our world headquarters in Orlando.

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