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Why Cru? – “Beyond a Job”

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by cru.org editor


We would like to urge you to take a moment and consider how your passions, gifts and vision might align with ours in a way that could lead you to partner with us to reach the world. We invite you to come with us for a summer. Come for a year. Even if your passion is for the business world, come and receive the equipping you will need for a lifetime of making disciples wherever God might lead you next.

With Cru, you will find that there are a few values that are at the core of who we are.

We are a Spirit led community of passionate and caring innovators. From our beginning Dr. Bill Bright was immensely concerned with the spiritual well being of our staff and volunteers. His heart and this value continues today as we emphasize working in teams, developing and equipping our staff with a focus on their spiritual health and growth.

We also seek to honor God in the stewardship of our lives and abilities He has given. Our staff serve as ministers, information technology technicians, graphic designers, video producers and in many other roles in over 190 different countries. We work with athletes, college students, businessmen and women, families and unreached people groups. If you can think of a way to serve, you can probably do it with us!

We are building spiritual movements everywhere that are changing the world. We try to be on the cutting edge of culture and media so that people without Christ have a relevant and personal presentation of the gospel. We focus on evangelism and discipleship because our vision is that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. We build spiritual movements and train Christians to multiply their lives and influence.

Perhaps your life has been changed by Jesus through your involvement with Cru. Maybe you’ve never been involved with Cru before but love our mission and desire to see lifelong laborers in all walks of life raised up. We truly desire to present significant opportunities for you to help see God use you to change the lives of others.

If our passions are your passions, perhaps Cru might be a great place for you to grow in your walk with Christ, utilizing your gifts to help do meaningful work for His kingdom. Even if just for a season, think about how God could use you to change the world by equipping you through Cru.

Begin exploring now by searching for an interest, location or ministry about which you are passionate to serve God.
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